Credit Control Simplified!
Take control of your outstanding invoices and improve your cashflow.
CreditCruncher is an accounts receivable application designed to make managing your credit control easier. 

Automate your collection process and engage with your customers more efficiently. Remove the guesswork out of your process and utilise a best practice approach to your debt collection.

Take control of the process

knowing exactly where you stand with your debtors allows you maintain control over the process - who owes what and where they are within the collection process

CreditCruncher main tasks screen

Save time through automation

the automation of key tasks within the collection process will free credit controllers up from the mundane repetitive tasks and allow them to do what they do best - manage customer relationships

CreditCruncher reminder notification settings screen

Make better decisions

get better insights into your customers' payment performance to allow you to make better informed credit control decisions

CreditCruncher reports screen