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Everything you need to take control of your debtors


CreditCruncher automatically creates tasks at key points during the collection process to ensure you always know what you need to do and when you need to do it. CreditCruncher also allows you to create as many additional tasks as you need to stay on top of your outstanding invoices.

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Maintaining good communications with your customers will play an important role in debt collection. CreditCruncher automates the sending of personalised reminders to your customers at key dates during the collection process. For your more sensitive customers, emails can be separated out for your review or adjustment before they are sent.

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CreditCruncher reports will give you powerful insights into your customers' activity and help you to understand their payment performance and ageing trends.  Use this information to more accurately predict your future cashflow.

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Other Features Include


keeping good notes is essential for effective credit control. From  recording your observations to keeping track of all your customer conversations and agreed actions, CreditCruncher makes it easy for you to record notes against each outstanding invoice.


it is crucial to have a full overview of all of the activity you have taken in an attempt to recover your outstanding debts.  For each invoice CreditCruncher will show you the complete history of all your activity, on a single screen, making it easy to review your recovery efforts.


CreditCruncher automatically synchronises with your accounting software to ensure you are always up to date with the latest information.  You can also update the data in CreditCruncher at any time through a single click sync button.